NYCE announces second Product from Patent Portfolio

Posted on : 2015-04-22

For Immediate Release:

NYCE Sensors, a leading provider of wireless ZigBee sensors, has announced the second product that will be released from its patent portfolio in 2015-Q3, the NCZ-3220 HVAC Register. When used to manage the flow of air in HVAC systems, in conjunction with NYCE’s family of HVAC-enabled sensors, this new device will allow consumers to save money by creating and controlling environmental zones within their homes and buildings. Unlike existing complex, motorized register products, which are prone to failure due to the environmental conditions present in HVAC systems, NYCE’s patent-pending device will use a more robust, custom designed electro-magnetic linear actuator with only one moving part.

“This is the second of our IP-protected products from our growing patent portfolio that NYCE will be announcing in 2015, focused on creating not just products, but overall solutions that provide savings to the consumer.” says Brian Leeners, CEO for NYCE. “NYCE continues to capture the attention of industry with our innovations in mass-market wireless technology and our new patent-pending products are a paradigm shift in design and functionality. These products focus on bringing a much needed simplification to the home automation industry and a seamless user experience.”

NYCE’s wireless products are fully certified by regulatory and safety agencies for international sales.
NYCE’s sensors connect the “Real world to the Cloud”, improving user control and enhancing the user experience in any intelligent network.

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NYCE designs, manufactures and sells wireless ZigBee sensing and control products into market leading Security, Monitoring and Automation ecosystems worldwide. NYCE’s leads its industry, selling products with the lowest possible power consumption, smallest physical size and simplest installation. NYCE’s mandate is to provide the data to drive the Internet of Things. For more information, please visit:

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